Anmasi – Tvättsystem, filtersystem och kemiska produkter

Anmasi – Tvättsystem, filtersystem och kemiska produkter

Din expert på helhetslösningar för metallindustrin, plastindustrin, livsmedel och läkemedel.

Explosion-proof washing system

Do you work with explosive liquids?

We are specialists in the supply of ATEX – zone 2 washing systems, which are perfectly suited for safety and efficiency when it comes to processing more hazardous liquids.
This facility washes the items with ultrasonic cleaning and can use solvents and alcohol with a flash point of down to 12°C.

Some tasks require the use of solvents with a flash point of minus 60 degrees, which places great demands on the washing system.

even if you as a company do everything you can to avoid these types of tasks where employees, equipment, handling and storage are put to the test, this is not always possible. This was due to the fact that some tasks cannot be solved without using solvents, which form an explosive atmosphere when they evaporate.

At Anmasi, we sell an automatic washing system from ATEX, which can solve these types of tasks with explosive liquids with a low flash point in a safe way. ATX washing systems are offered with, among other things, drain pump, filter system, data transfer, process, monitoring and touchscreen according to the customer’s wishes and documentation requirements.

With a washing system from ATEX, your company can carry out tasks which involve, among other things, the removal of oil and cooling lubricants, rust, paint and epoxy as well as washing of rubber elements.

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The facility is delivered with:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Explosion protection
  • Rinse step and drying in a unique design
  • High security and functionality

The explosion protection takes place by adding nitrogen, which removes the risk of ignition. We keep the consumption of nitrogen down by only using a small bottle, and use pressure monitoring to maintain the pressure with small doses. At the same time, the system is supplied with two fans, which have built-in safety in the event of a breakdown.