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Anmasi – Tvättsystem, filtersystem och kemiska produkter

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Container reached Ukraine

Last year, the Anmasi Group consisting of Anmasi, Filco and Envotherm chose to show their support for the Ukrainian people by donating a 20-foot container designed for use by a Ukrainian bomb disposal team. The container is equipped with sleeping places, a small field kitchen, field rations and electricity via a new diesel generator.

This happened through Bevar Ukraine, which is an independent Danish humanitarian non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine and support refugees.

We can now announce that at the beginning of January the container traveled towards the Ukrainian front thanks to the trucking company Ejvind Hviid A/S from Juelsminde, which has been a great help! Thank you

At the same time, we would like to thank Brutus Byg & Udlejning v. Lars Asmussen for the great job that has been put into the conversion of the container. The company has provided the materials – wooden boards, windows, doors etc. without charge.