Anmasi – Tvättsystem, filtersystem och kemiska produkter

Anmasi – Tvättsystem, filtersystem och kemiska produkter

Din expert på helhetslösningar för metallindustrin, plastindustrin, livsmedel och läkemedel.

Methodical work pays off

This can be seen at the Grindsted company Anmasi, which has just put the finishing touches on a large fully automatic ultrasonic washing system for a Russian customer.

We worked with that customer here for about two years before we got the order. We were at the Hanover Industry Fair in 2014, and there we had a visit from this Russian contact, as they have a sales company in Germany. After four or five months, we received an inquiry that they were interested in a facility for washing steel profiles, says Jan Hedeby Sørensen, managing director and founder of Anmasi.

The plant has been produced in collaboration with KSN Industri, and it has been a particularly thorough customer.

It took almost a year before the project was in place, because the customer had a lot of things that needed to be investigated. It has since taken seven months to build and develop the washing facility. We got the final contract in December last year, and we have now created the finished project, which has been approved by the Russian customer for delivery, says Jan Hedeby Sørensen.

It is also the largest plant that Anmasi has ever developed. It must clean steel profiles up to 6 meters in length.

The entire facility takes up 10×12 meters and contains approximately 10 tonnes of liquid divided into three tanks – it is a combination of ultrasonic cleaning, passivation and ends with drying, explains Jan Hedeby Sørensen.

The customer’s factory is located in the middle of Russia. The items must be loaded onto a truck and driven directly to their warehouse in southern Germany, and then they must not be rusty when they arrive. So the task was that the items had to be clean and without corrosion when they arrived after 1½-2 weeks, he continues.

It will be Anmasi’s own technicians who will be responsible for the installation over in Russia.

For Jan Hedeby Sørensen, this facility not only sets new standards for what Anmasi can clean. It also opens the door to a whole new market.

We of course hope that there are other steel companies around the world that can use something like this, he says.