Anmasi – Tvättsystem, filtersystem och kemiska produkter

Anmasi – Tvättsystem, filtersystem och kemiska produkter

Din expert på helhetslösningar för metallindustrin, plastindustrin, livsmedel och läkemedel.

Anmasi provides total service for your washing plant throughout the country

Maintenance and service is often a slightly overlooked area after you have acquired a washing system. But just as you take the car in for service every year, you could let one of our competent employees swing by your facility for an annual check.

What are the benefits of a total service?

  • Extended lifespan
  • No downtime
  • Should your waste water be recycled?
  • Is the right chemistry being used in your facility?
  • Do something before the damage is done – achieve big savings in the area of repairs
  • Review by professionals

When your items are washed, dirt, oil, epoxy, metal shavings etc. disappear. and accumulates in filters – but it also tends to settle in the internal components of the treatment plant. A total service therefore consists of a review and cleaning of the facility.

The following will be reviewed in your facility:

  • The following will be reviewed in your facility:
  • Inside and outside cleaning of your washing system
  • Old soapy water replaced and disposed of
  • Oil separator is emptied and cleaned.
  • Chemical dosing pump is checked and refilled
  • Nozzles are checked through
  • Various filters are replaced if necessary
  • We offer wastewater solutions
  • New chemistry and water are poured on
  • Spare parts are changed free of charge (the spare parts are not included in the price, however)