Anmasi – Tvättsystem, filtersystem och kemiska produkter

Anmasi – Tvättsystem, filtersystem och kemiska produkter

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Newly developed Danish wetblaster

In recent months, we have developed a new wetblaster for workshops and production companies. The wetblaster is produced in Grindsted, and has been developed mainly for service and maintenance of engine parts, components and the like from production equipment.


A little about the wetblaster

The wetblaster has been developed as a supplement to our range of water-based washing systems for service and maintenance and is only available in one model so that the prices of the equipment are kept down. Therefore, we also have some extremely competitive prices for the machine, even though it is made in Grindsted.

No compromise has been made with the quality and therefore it is delivered both with continuous cleaning of the window, so that you have a clear view during the wet blasting. In addition, it is offered with a stainless drip tray with a grate so that glass beads and water do not spill around the equipment. The first four units have already been produced, and two wetblasters delivered to happy customers in the automotive industry.

If you need a wetblaster, contact us on 76 50 02 32 or write to

You can also read more about the equipment on our website under “accessories”.